About Us

The IRIN Group was originally founded in 2008 to educate and serve real estate investors. In its original form monthly live meetings were held. In addition live seminars were also held on a regular basis. With Covid and improvements in technology this all changed.

We have over the last year begun the converting of seminars to physical books and on-Line zoom meetings. Our vision is one to serve the investor better at a lower overall cost.

With the previous model the provider needed to rent a venue, perhaps travel to the event and provide refreshments for all the attendees. All these charges would have to be added to the ticket price charged.

The investor would need to travel to the event and rent a motel room.

Many times this was cost prohibited and the investor could not attend. With today’s technology an on-line event makes more sense using Zoom meetings. Therefore, all live seminars will be on zoom as well as monthly real estate club meetings and monthly inner circle meetings.

We have also moved all of our consulting and negotiating practice from in person to on-line to allow more access to the service. With videos, close up photos and access to other technology, service can be provided nationwide without the need to travel.

If you have additional questions about IRIN please feel free to e-mail: Diamond-Ventures@hushmail.com