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About The Author

The intent of this section is to show my qualifications to teach this subject

Vincent DePaul Robertson, Born October 19, 1942 in New York City.
  • Studied Electronic Technology at Samuel Gompers Technical High School, Bronx, NY
  • Received nuclear training as part of the original crew of the first nuclear aircraft carrier USS Enterprise CVA(N)65. As an Interior Communications E5 I was responsible for all ships control systems and alarms. To do this I managed 5 electronics shops and 48 people who worked on instrumentation including reactor shields monitoring on the 8 nuclear reactors, was responsible for all ships control systems and lead the nuclear decontamination crew on the superstructure.
  • Spent 10 years at the IBM Research and Development center in Fishkill, New York where I was trained full time over a 64 week period in 27 technologies. After graduating from the Technical Development center I oversaw 200 semiconductor process operations as a troubleshooter.
  • After IBM and my move to New Mexico I spent about 10 years as an contractor at Sandia National Labs, Los Alamos National Labs, Nevada Test Site, Air Force Weapons Lab, Holloman Air Force Base, Johnson Space Center in New Mexico and White Sands Missile Range working as an Instrumentation Engineer on about 700 projects almost all interrelated.
    The projects that I can talk about are EMP Testing at Trestle and Aries, 20 Nuclear EMP tests at Nevada Test Site, Tempest testing, multiple calibration systems and a lot of projects that I still cannot talk about.
  •  I was a founding member of the New Mexico Solar Energy Association and published my first book on Solar Energy.

Table of Contents

Authors Introduction

  • Chapter 1 Electromagnetic Pulse
  • Chapter 2 Coronal Mass Ejections
  • Chapter 3 Russia Threat
  • Chapter 4 China Threat
  • Chapter 5 North Korea Threat
  • Chapter 6 Iran Threat
  • Chapter 7 Testing Electromagnetic Pulses
  • Chapter 8 The Nuclear EMP Attack
  • Chapter 9 The Radiation Hardened Solution
  • Chapter 10 Consumer Threat Mitigation
  • Chapter 11 The Faraday Cage
  • Chapter 12 Preparedness and EMP
  • Chapter 13 Saving America
  • Chapter 14 Bob Dylan Got It Right

Appendix A Glossary of Terms
Appendix B Research Material
Appendix C Other Products


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